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Faith Formation

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Our Welcome Mass will be held in conjunction with the St Rose annual Faith Fest on Sunday, September 15th at 8:30 am.  After Mass students and parents will have a chance to meet their catechists and receive the schedule with important dates for the upcoming Faith Formation year.

Classes will begin on Wednesday, September 18th for all grades.

CLASS SCHEDULES:  Kindergarten – Twice a month on Wed. during release time

                                          Grades 1 - 4 Wednesdays during release time

                                          Grades 5/6 - Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30

                                          Grades 7 - 10 - Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30

4th Grade will have class on the 2nd Wednesday of the month when the district has a late start.

7th - 10th grades all students are invited to share a light meal (provided by volunteers) before class begins at 6:30; the meal is served between 5:45 and 6:15.

If your child will not be at Faith Formation for any reason, please be sure to contact me either via remind or at 507-523-3548.


Ashley Gossen - Faith Formation Coordinator

Catechists, Aides, and all Volunteers: If you haven’t taken the VIRTUS Program, please do so. The VIRTUS program, required by the Diocese, helps people recognize improper behavior of anyone who come in contact with children, young adults or vulnerable adults. Please contact Ashley for classes available or visit the Diocese of Winona Website click Departments - Safe Environment.

DIOCESE OF WINONA Child Sexual Abuse Policy Information

The Diocese of Winona will provide a prompt, appropriate and compassionate response to reporters of sexual abuse of a child by any diocesan agent. Anyone wishing to make a

report of an allegation of sexual abuse should call the Victim Assistance Coordinator at 507-454-2270, Extension 255. A caller will be asked to provide his or her name and telephone

number. Individuals are also encouraged to take their reports directly to civil authorities. The Diocese of Winona is committed to protecting children, young people and other

vulnerable people in our schools, parishes and ministries. The diocesan policy is available on the diocesan web site at under the Safe Environment Program. If you

have any questions about the Diocese of Winona's implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, please contact Mary Hammanm, at Phone: 507-858-1244 Email:




Treasury of Prayers

Our 2018 Catechists


  • Kathy Duane

  • MaryAnne Duane

  • Ashley Gossen

  • Jean Jonsgaard

  • Kelly Kalmes

  • Missy Kampa

  • Dennis Kronenbusch

  • Hannah Lacina

  • Maddy Mundt

  • Phyllis Onstad

  • Shelly Skaden

  • Tom Speltz

  • Jo Thesing

  • Nancy West


Contact Ashley at St Rose of Lima Church Faith Formation by email 

Click here to view the Faith on Behavior Policy Form

Parish Census Member Registration Form

Families -  if you’re unsure, or can’t remember completeing a Parish member census registration form for your family with our parishes in our cluster recently, or would like to update your information please contact the parish office St. Rose of Lima, 180 Fremont St. S, Lewiston MN 55952. Call 507-523-2428 Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday mornings. This membership census form is different then the Faith Formation sign-up registrations. Thank you!